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Beach Ashtray is a unique way to share your advertising message while you are also helping the environment. People using this promotional tool when they spent time in the beach. At the same time your message will attract the people around.


Two Products in One

Postcard Beach Ashtray is a new way to advertise to people on beaches, while you are preventing cigarette litter. Beach Ashtray Postcard is two products in one – a Promotional Postcard and a useful Beach Ashtray. It’s unique, safe, very useful for smokers, a tool that works!

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Assemble Beach Ashtray

in seconds

Assemble Beach Ashtray following 3 simple steps and placed into the beach sand. Place a full hand of sand inside the beach astray. You will use this sand for extinguishing and storing your cigarettes..

Assemble Beach Ashtray in seconds
Cannot be easier than this
Unfold and keep it
Repeat the process for reuse

Usage Beach Ashtray

again & again

After you assemble your Beach Ashtray following the 3 simple steps before you may store your cigarettes into the beach sand. Remove Beach Ashtray vertically from the sand. Empty cigarettes in a nearby bucket and use it again..

Store your cigarettes
Keep beach clean
Empty your cigarettes into a near bucket
Unfold the Post card for reuse

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